IDentity Inventory Gathering Tool

IDInv is a read-only, stand-alone, remote, command-line identity reporting tool for Windows systems.  

The tool will enumerate all the local identities on a system and the identities used by Windows Task Scheduler, DCOM, Windows services, and SQL.

The version includes:

* Gather identities for specific component or all

* Run against local system or a remote system 

* Redirection of output to a datetime name stamped CSV file for periodic automation

* Quiet option to remove banner, column header, and output to CSV file

* Digitally signed

* Free to use.  See -warranty for details.

Version History

Aug 19, 2019 - Version - Initial Build

IDInv Download [SHA256] 70f40ccc063ba73935e7fcecc51296a379c1a8ac4998b46ad2942db5e4264b6f  

IDInv.exe [SHA256] 5017380a79e226fd7d781c583ccd5c7d68d70d397ba899c0abdad1ba1fad8282

IDInv (zip)